Basic Rules

- For an event to be valid, the registered car owner must be a paid up member of NBCCC at the occurrence of the event.
- No backdated events can be entered and for an event to be valid, it must be entered before the event start time.
(The calendar system records the date and time an event is entered in the calendar and any backdated event will be deleted as invalid)
- Events cannot relate to travel to or from work.
- Noncompliance with these requirements may result in a breach of the car owners SIVS registration and thus invalidate the car owner's insurance.

- Don't forget to set the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time when creating a new event
- Full Name OR club Membership number MUST be in the Event Description Box.


Instructions for adding an Impromtu Event.


1. Login via the Home page, left column.


2. Select Calendar from the top menu


3. Click new event

impromptu event 1



4. Enter a Title, Start and End Dates and Times

(Skip Add Location, it doesn't work*)

Enter a Description for the Event
(Please include your name and member number in the Description)



impromptu event 2



5. Now you'll see the new event on Our Upcoming Events, on the Event Calendar page.


impromptu event 8



 6. Click to view details


impromptu event 9



REMOVING events needs to be done by an administrator, via Components > ArtCalendar > Events 




If you want to add a picture or a pdf file


1. Click the event on the calendar then click edit event.


2. Click the red Add Images switch so it turns green, then click Select

impromptu event 3



6. Browse to find the image on your computer (make sure it is not too large) and Start Upload

impromptu event 4b



7. Important: Once you have uploaded your image, be sure to scroll and locate it, click on it and then hit Insert. Then Save.

impromptu event 5


Adding an Attachment (e.g. a pdf file) is a similar process.



* Why doesn't the Location work ?

Google has changed it's policy on using Google Maps within applications and this has broken the map search function of our calendar.